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        Taiwan made huge 'donations' to the US to promote passage of 'Taipei Act': source

        Taiwan authorities made huge "donations" to the US in order to promote the passage of the "Taipei Act," which aims to prop up the presence of Taiwan island through measures including a large number of arms purchase rebates and budgets involving millions of tax-free allowances.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/5/1 11:26:58

        Beijing embraces mandatory garbage sorting

        Starting Friday, Beijing will join a club of Chinese cities to carry out mandatory garbage sorting in new efforts to protect the environment.
        Source: Xinhua | 2020/5/1 9:06:31

        Xi extends greetings to working people nationwide ahead of Int'l Labor Day

        Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday replied to a letter from the staff of a large private service company, extending greetings to them and other working people across the country ahead of the International Labor Day.
        Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/30 21:42:44

        China, South Korea establish personnel exchange 'fast passage' to keep trade open: FM

        China and South Korea have on Wednes-day established a personnel exchange "fast passage" to maintain trade coopera-tion and keep supply chain open between the two countries amid the COVID-19 pan-demic, Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/30 19:50:42

        Hit by coronavirus, Wuhan records 40% GDP contraction in Q1

        Even as the coronavirus begins to recede within China, hardest-hit city Wuhan's GDP in the first quarter plummeted 40.5 percent year-on-year, an unprecedented blow to the city's and Hubei Province's economies.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/30 18:49:17

        China's latest, most advanced howitzer enters Eastern Theater Command service

        China's most advanced vehicle-mounted howitzer, the PCL-181, recently entered service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command, the theater command confirmed on Thursday. With technical details revealed for the first time, experts say the weapon is one of the best in the world.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/30 15:12:49

        Foreign failure to contain COVID-19 biggest risk to China's economy

        Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, some foreign officials, experts and media outlets have claimed that the virus-stricken Chinese economy could be the biggest threat to regional and global economies, with some even resorting to racist rhetoric like referring to China as the "sick man of Asia." But several months later, as China has effectively contained the virus at home, the failures of many countries from the US to the UK to stem the pandemic have emerged as the biggest risks for the Chinese and global economies.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/30 12:43:14

        Boao Forum for Asia 2020 conference canceled amid COVID-19 pandemic

        Boao Forum for Asia 2020 conference canceled amid COVID-19 outbreak
        Source: CGTN | 2020/4/30 10:16:49

        Held hostage by media hype: truth behind diplomatic phone call between Chinese embassy and DFAT

        Friction and disputes have become more and more frequent between China and Australia in recent years. The latest one, however, was caused by a phone call.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/30 9:08:21

        China's self-employed seek lifeline amid pandemic

        This article is part of a multi-part series Global Times' investigation into the severity of unemployment issues in China in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. It encompasses hyped up and false claims by certain foreign media that social unrest in China might be imminent. This article in particular focuses on the impact of the pandemic on 80 million self-employed business owners and their 200 million workers.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/30 0:15:40

        Beijing opens drive-thru testing sites to find more asymptomatic COVID-19 infections

        Beijing's Haidian district opened a drive-thru testing point for nucleic acid tests of the coronavirus with the whole process taking just two minutes and experts said the move would widen the testing scale in Beijing to find more asymptomatic COVID-19 infections ahead of a massive work resumption.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/29 23:58:40

        COVID-19 not a chronic disease despite long-lasting positives: experts

        Concerns about 30 "long-lasting positive" patients in hard-hit Wuhan remain even after the city on Tuesday announced zero new confirmed COVID-19 patients and zero existing cases for three consecutive days.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/29 21:23:41

        What do two sessions mean for domestic, global economies?

        China has set the date for this year's "two sessions" - the annual meetings of its top legislative body and top consultative body - in late May.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/29 20:22:08

        Xi chairs leadership meeting on regular epidemic control, supporting Hubei development

        Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Wednesday chaired a leadership meeting on regular epidemic prevention and control and supporting the economic and social development in Hubei Province.
        Source: Xinhua | 2020/4/29 19:58:55

        HK, Hubei lawmakers, political advisors await details of travel to Beijing as 'two sessions' dates announced

        As China announced the widely anticipated opening date of this year's plenary session of the National People's Congress (NPC) on May 22, several lawmakers and political advisors especially those from the virus hardest-hit Hubei Province and Hong Kong said they are anxiously waiting for more details on how to go to Beijing to attend the country's most important political event, as strict prevention measures are still in place against the COVID-19 epidemic.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/29 17:54:05

        China sets for normalcy after Beijing lowers emergency response level, lifts restrictions

        China's top epidemiologist said China is on the track of returning to normalcy after Beijing decided to downgrade its emergency response from Level I to Level II from Thurs-day. Following Beijing, the neighboring Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province also an-nounced the same decision.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/29 17:53:44

        Last top tourist spot opens in Wuhan after being closed for nearly 100 days

        The last 5A tourist attraction in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province opened for tourists on Wednesday, after being closed for nearly 100 days as the city was being ravaged by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, with many tourists hailing it as a strong sign that the city has been reborn after the devastation caused by the disease.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/29 14:56:34

        Senior Xinjiang official rejects NGO accusation of using passport renewal as weapon against Uygurs

        The accusation from a so-called US nongovernmental organization that China is refusing to renew passports to "force overseas Uygurs to return for detention" is a "complete rumor and was made to slander the passport management measures in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region," a senior official said at a press conference on Wednesday.
        Source: Global Times | 2020/4/29 13:15:32