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      BAFE® Registered Schemes

      Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

      Scheme No. SP203-1

      This scheme recognises the importance of providing compliant fire detection and alarm systems and therefore assist in minimising false alarms. Search for a BAFE Fire Detection and Alarm Systems SP203-1 registered company using our registered company search and ensure that they are certified in the area that you require.

      The modular scheme was written and developed by stakeholders from all quarters of the industry, chaired by an international fire risk professional and was officially launched in July 2002. The scheme is delivered on BAFE's behalf by licensed UKAS accredited Certification Bodies.


      Like other BAFE schemes a certificate is the basis upon which confidence is built. At the end of each modular stage of a project a certificate can be issued by the BAFE listed company, so if there are four different companies involved in the complete process on one premises, then the customer would end up with four certificates from each of the respective organisations. If only one company undertakes the work on all four modules the customer would have one full certificate of compliance, which would relate to all of the modules.

      Information for Fire Protection Companies

      How to register to BAFE Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems SP203-1 Scheme


      In recognition of industry practice and demand, the scheme has been split into four modules. The intention of this is to ensure that a company only gains BAFE registration for the modules in which they are competent to work. The four modules are:


      • System Design
      • Installation
      • Commissioning/Handover
      • Maintenance


      For detailed information about compliance with the BAFE SP203-1 scheme please download the BAFE SP203-1 Scheme Document (For the Design, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems).

      Step 1

      Check requirements. Do you have competent Management Systems in place? For this scheme you do not need ISO9001 certification. However, you are required to have robust Quality Management Systems in place. This is explained in the scheme document (Clause 10 – Management Systems).


      Step 2

      View our Certification Bodies List for this scheme and contact them for information on how to obtain certification for either one or more modules required and cost.

      Step 3

      When you have achieved certification, your Certification Body will contact BAFE with your information.

      Step 4

      BAFE will then send out a welcome pack including your BAFE certificate. At this point you will be allowed to display the correct BAFE logo that relates to your scheme.

      Step 5

      Your company will then be added to the BAFE website, which will enable all users searching for Third Party Certified BAFE registered fire protection companies to access your companies’ information.

      Step 6

      Contact BAFE for digital versions of logos relating to your scheme for use on web/print/vehicles.

      Once registered, your organisation will be subject to ongoing surveillance audits by your Certification Body to ensure that you continue to comply with the scheme requirements.


      Please note this scheme is operated by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies on our behalf and all BAFE fees will be included with the Certification Body total cost. Please discuss this with your chosen Certification Body for more information.

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