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        China urges tourists to remain vigilant about COVID-19 during upcoming holiday

        Source:Xinhua Published: 2020/4/30 20:51:36

        A tourist poses for a selfie in front of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, April 29, 2020. (Xinhua/Peng Ziyang)

        Chinese authorities Thursday urged people in the country to remain vigilant about COVID-19 while traveling during the upcoming five-day May Day holiday.

        Tourists are urged to make reservations before visiting tourist sites, honestly report their health information, have their body temperatures checked and keep a distance from others, Luo Shugang, minister of culture and tourism, said at a press conference in Beijing.

        They should also wear face masks, wash hands, dine separately and keep healthy lifestyles, said medical experts at the press conference.

        This year's May Day holiday will run from May 1 to 5.

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