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      BAFE® Latest News

      BAFE Launch Evacuation Alert Systems Scheme

      Wednesday 14th October 2020

      BAFE SP207 Scheme: For the Design, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Evacuation Alert Systems

      BAFE are pleased to announce that the SP207 Evacuation Alert Systems Scheme Document is now available (14/10/2020).


      Supporting British Standard 8629 (Evacuation Alert Systems for use by fire and rescue services in buildings containing flats), the BAFE SP207 Scheme document covers demonstrating quality evidence of competency for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems.


      Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government published their outcome to the consultation regarding sprinklers and other fire safety measures in new high-rise blocks of flats in May 2020. Within this document an overwhelming 92% of respondents agreed that Approved Document B should include a requirement for an emergency evacuation system (which could support fire and rescue services operational response by alerting residents if they need to escape). The document added that “Several respondents noted that an evacuation alert system being in place would provide both clarity and reassurance to residents.”


      Chris Auger, Director of Schemes – BAFE, said: “The demand shown following the MHCLG consultation is unprecedented and represents a far greater awareness of systems and competency of their installers required following the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower Fire. With the work BAFE have performed in conjunction with the industry and Fire and Rescue Service, we are pleased to release this document and offer a route to achieving this important Third Party Certification. Quality evidence of competency is going to have far greater scrutiny for everyone working in high-rise blocks in the very near future which can only be a good thing. This scheme will fill this crucial gap in providing confidence to specifiers knowing they are fulfilling their due diligence and continuing the ‘golden thread’ of accountability for the life safety of residents within the building.”


      Chris adds “The expanding portfolio of BAFE Schemes represents the necessity of quality evidence of competency required for niche but extremely important areas of the industry. Third Party Certification is going to be a key focus of attention for the built environment moving forward and BAFE need to position itself to offer schemes that are both needed and, reflect the current concerns of occupants, regulators, service providers and building owners/managers.”


      The BAFE SP207 Scheme Document (For the Design, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Evacuation Alert Systems) and information on the Certification Bodies who are offering this assessment is available via the BAFE website here

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