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      BAFE - Coronavirus Latest News

      BAFE - Coronavirus Latest News

      Latest information from BAFE regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).


      Please refer to your Certification Body for further information regarding coronavirus and BAFE scheme assessment/s (as these are delivered via UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies licensed by BAFE).

      Please refer to training providers (external of BAFE) for their own coronavirus procedures regarding BS5306 training/exam.

      Please find links below for the latest information published by BAFE regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).


      It is important to note information was appropriate at the time it was published. BAFE continue to monitor the situation and is taking measures to ensure everyone remains safe. BAFE will post updates on our news section when required (posts will also appear here for reference).


      Site Operating Procedures Version 6 Now Available

      Published 20/10/2020


      Coronavirus Update 02/10/2020 – BAFE Scheme assessment and temporary certification issuing update

      Published 02/10/2020


      New COVID-19 restrictions do not affect fire safety work, but the industry can continue good practice to limit virus transmission

      Published 23/09/2020


      BSI “Safe Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines” available for comment

      Published 04/08/2020


      Coronavirus Update - BAFE SP101 Registered Companies 30/07/2020

      Published 30/07/2020


      Are you required to maintain social distancing during an emergency evacuation?

      This article is reproduced from Croner-i Business Essentials and with kind permission of Croner-i Ltd.

      Published 02/07/2020


      Could employers be prosecuted if their employees come to harm due to COVID-19?

      This article is reproduced from Croner-i Business Essentials and with kind permission of Croner-i Ltd.

      Published 01/07/2020


      BAFE welcomes announcement by Government that will help fire safety work to continue

      Published 23/06/2020


      Coronavirus Update 12/06/2020 - Preparing for BAFE Scheme assessment

      Published 12/06/2020


      Fire and Rescue Services nationwide stress Coronavirus is no excuse for disregarding fire safety responsibilities

      Published 11/06/2020


      West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service publish advice for business premises preparing to reopen

      Information published by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service 01/06/2020


      Construction Leadership Council publish Roadmap to Recovery

      Information published by Construction Leadership Council 01/06/2020


      NSI announces audit and assessment programmes will resume effective from 1st June 2020

      Information published by NSI 27/05/2020


      BAFE warns fire safety should be addressed as soon as possible as we ease out of coronavirus lockdown

      Published 26/05/2020


      Scottish Government publish route map through and out of the COVID-19 crisis

      Information published by Scottish Government 21/05/2020


      SSAIB publish information regarding COVID-19 Remote Auditing

      Information published 22/05/2020


      Scottish Government and Supplier Development Programme Launch Survey on Supplier Relief

      Please note this survey will close 22/05/2020

      Information published 20/05/2020


      Construction Leadership Council publish updates to Site Operating Procedures (Version 4)

      Information published by Construction Leadership Council 19/05/2020


      AXA publish guidance for businesses which are re-opening in the coronavirus pandemic

      Published 14/05/2020


      BAFE Chief Executive discusses competent fire safety and Third Party Certification on the FSM Podcast

      Brian Sims asked Stephen Adams if he wished to use the platform to say anything regarding the current coronavirus pandemic situation and what this meant for the future of the fire safety industry.

      Published 14/05/2020


      BAFE Chief Executive to speak at the Fire Safety Event’s Online Webinar 15/05/2020

      Stephen Adams, Chief Executive – BAFE, will be speaking about the importance of Third Party Certification and the current coronavirus pandemic and the working environment.

      Published 14/05/2020


      Government to support businesses through Trade Credit Insurance guarantee

      Information published by HM Government 13/05/2020


      Government guidance released outlining COVID-19 recovery strategy and returning to work

      Information published by HM Government 11/05/2020


      Cabinet Office publish Guidance on responsible contractual behaviour in the performance and enforcement of contracts impacted by the Covid-19 emergency

      Information published by Cabinet Office 07/05/2020


      Scottish Fire and Rescue Service update response to automatic fire alarm activations during coronavirus pandemic

      Published 01/05/2020


      Government National Careers Service provide skills toolkit with free online courses

      Published 01/05/2020


      BEIS provide webinar about financial support for small businesses during coronavirus (05/05/2020)

      Published 30/04/2020


      100% Government backed loan scheme for small businesses announced

      Published 28/04/2020


      Coronavirus Guidance for on-site construction sites

      Information published by Construction Industry Council (CIC) 24/04/2020


      CIC Webinar 23/04/2020 - Recovery from the Age of Coronavirus

      Information from Construction Industry Council (CIC) 22/04/2020


      SSAIB Still Providing Certification Despite Coronavirus Crisis

      Information published by SSAIB 17/04/2020


      Furlough scheme cut-off date extended to 19 March

      Information published by HM Treasury 15/04/2020


      Minister of State defines Key Worker Status directly to FIA

      Information Published by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) 15/04/2020


      Construction Leadership Council publish updates to Site Operating Procedures Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (Covid-19)

      Information published by Construction Leadership Council 15/04/2020


      Construction Industry Council Webinar on Employment and Jobs during the current coronavirus crisis 15/04/2020

      Published 15/04/2020


      Fire Sector Federation Information to Members

      Information distributed and published by Fire Sector Federation 08/04/2020


      Cabinet Office moves to further protect suppliers after coronavirus

      Information published by Public Sector Executive 07/04/2020


      Security and arson protection advice for building and business owners and insurers – a free guide to managing the risk during the COVID-19 outbreak

      Information from FPA (Fire Protection Association) and RISCAuthority 03/04/2020


      Construction Leadership Council publish Site Operating Procedures

      Information published by Construction Leadership Council 23/03/2020 (updated 02/04/2020)


      BAFE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 01/04/2020

      Published 01/04/2020


      BAFE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for BAFE SP101 Registered Companies 01/04/2020

      Published 01/04/2020


      NSI announces suspension of audit and assessments in April and May in response to COVID-19

      Information from NSI published 01/04/2020


      Gas safety certificates urged to be extended by Housing Associations

      Published 01/04/2020


      Construction Leadership Council write letter to the Prime Minister

      Published 01/04/2020


      Construction Industry Council distribute information about job retention and travelling to work

      Information from the Construction Industry Council (CIC) 30/03/2020


      A message to all BAFE Registered Companies

      Published 27/03/2020


      IFSM publish information on performing Fire Risk Assessments during the coronavirus pandemic

      Information published by IFSM 26/03/2020


      Staffordshire Fire and Rescue is advising businesses to review fire risk assessments

      Information published by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service 25/03/2020


      BESA Webinar questions if safety providers should continue with maintenance work

      Information from BESA Coronavirus Guidance Webinar 25/03/2020


      Construction Industry Council help clarify critical work

      Information published by Construction Industry Council 24/03/2020


      Fire Sector Federation publish coronavirus update

      Information published by Fire Sector Federation 24/03/2020


      Coronavirus Update 24/03/2020

      Published 24/03/2020


      Local Councils ordered to pay contractors during coronavirus pandemic

      Published 24/03/2020


      Position with regard to construction sites

      Information from CIC (Construction Industry Council) with regard to construction sites and latest restrictions.

      Published 24/03/2020


      Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice - BAFE Office

      Please note the BAFE office is temporarily closed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. Staff safety is a priority and we will be working from home.

      Published 23/03/2020


      Fire safety during the coronavirus pandemic

      Published 23/03/2020


      Home Office informs the FIA about Key Worker status of fire safety personnel

      Published 23/03/2020


      Coronavirus Update - BAFE SP101 Registered Companies

      Published 20/03/2020


      FIA respond to the latest government advice on the Coronavirus pandemic (FIA transitions to remote learning)

      Published 19/03/2020


      Coronavirus Guidance for BAFE Registered Companies - Access to client premises

      Published 17/03/2020


      IFEDA has postponed all training courses until at least 1st June

      Published 17/03/2020


      Coronavirus Notice - Guidance relating to BS5306 fire extinguisher exam invigilation and fire extinguisher technician assessments

      Published 10/03/2020

      Further Information (External Links)*

      Please refer to GOV.UK Guidance for latest information and advice




      Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

      - Working safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


      Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

      - Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)


      Business Support - Business Closures and Stay at Home FAQs


      Remediation and COVID-19: Building Safety update (Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government)


      International Workplace - Coronavirus Sources of Information


      AXA Business Support - Back to Business


      *BAFE is not responsible for any external content.

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      Coronavirus Latest News

      Latest information issued by BAFE regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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