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      BAFE® Latest News

      AXA publish guidance for businesses which are re-opening in the coronavirus pandemic

      Thursday 14th May 2020

      AXA Business Support - Back to Business

      AXA are producing a series of guides to help businesses returning to work. In the information published, they state “with signs that we’re now past the peak of Coronavirus cases in the UK, there are indications that the current lockdown will gradually be relaxed.”


      AXA have produced back to business guidance for multiple sectors including construction sites, construction subcontractors, sprinkler installations and other areas currently relevant. AXA comment that they will “keep adding to these as new sectors of the economy start to open up again”.


      It is of importance to note, as stated in the guidance documents available, that the guidance does not override any existing policy conditions. “All applicable health & safety legislation and regulations remain fully in force, including [the] Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order.”

      (external link)


      BAFE will endeavour to publish any useful information from the insurance sector. If you wish to provide information, please contact

      Where do I begin with fire safety for my building?

      Legal obligations nationwide require the appointed responsible person for fire safety for commercial/non-domestic premises to have adequate fire protection.

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      Don't just Specify, Verify!

      When sourcing help, make sure you specify competent fire safety providers and verify their Third Party Certification is appropriate and valid for the work required.

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      Coronavirus Latest News

      Latest information issued by BAFE regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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